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Wise Words, Love Words, Love Quotes and Sayings

"Love never ask, it always give; love bring suffering, but never revenge. Where there is love, there is life; hate bring to destruction."

"God give us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and two eyes to see. But why God only give us one heart? Because God give the other heart to someone we love."

"There are two tears flow in the river. One of that tears greet the other, "I am a tear from a girl who loves a man but that man throw away her love. Who are you?". The other tear answer, "I am a tear from a man who is regrets because he let a girl who loves him to go away."

"True love is when someone we love happy with the other person he/she love, and we still can smile, while said: I'm happy when you're happy."

"When we love someone, we will always pray for him/her even though he/she not there in our side."

"Don't say goodbye if you still want to try. Don't give up if you still feel capable. Don't say you don't love him/her anymore if you still not be able to forget him/her."

"The feeling of love start from eyes, while the feeling of like start from ears. So, if you want to stop like someone, it's enough to close your ears. But, if you try to close your eyes from someone you love, that love change to become tears drop and will always stay in your heart for a long long time."

"Love comes to the one who is still have hope even though they have had disappointed. To them that is still believe, eventhough they have had betrayed. To them that is still want to love, eventhough they have had hurts before and to them that is still having courage and faith to build back confidence."

"Don't keep your love words to someone you love and wait until he/she die, finally you don't have a choice except you write those love words in his/her grave. But, tell him/her about your love words that is stored in your heart right now as he/she still alive." (Don't wait until tomorrow what you can do today!)

"Maybe God wants us to meet and make love with someone that is not correctly for us before we meet someone that is correctly for us. We must understand how to say thank for that great gift."

"Love don't teach us to weak, but to raise power. Love don't teach us to ridicule ourself, but to raise pride. Love don't weak the spirit, but to raise spirit."

"Love can change bitter to sweet, dust to gold, dirty to clean, sick to heal, jail to castle, sorrow to joy, and anger to gift."

"It is hurts when we love someone that's not love us, but it is more hurts when we love someone and we don't have courage to say: 'I Love You!'."

"The saddest thing in this life is when we met someone special, just to realize that in the end that's not worth anymore and you have to let it go."

"You know that you really miss someone, and when you start to thinking about it, your heart turns to broke. And just to hear he/she said "Hi!" to you, your heart that is broken before, turns to reunite."

"Sometimes we don't appreciate someone who loves us with all of the heart, and we lost them. At that point, our regrets is mean nothing."

"Don't love someone like a flower, because flower will faded when season change. Love her like a river, because river will flow forever."

"Love can soften iron, destroy stone, raise the dead and can make slave become leader. That's the greatness of love!"

"The start of love is to let someone you love to become themselves, and not try to change them as you like."

"Love sayings that is only comes from lips doesn't mean anything. Love sayings that is comes from truly heart can heal the pain at the heart of someone who hear it."

"You don't even know when you are will fall in love. But, if that day is come, catch with your hands, and don't let it go."

"Love is not an easy and cheap thing to say from mouth to mouth, but love is a beautiful and holy gift from God if we can calculate it."

"It's not sea if never have a wave. It's not love if heart never hurts. It's not lover if they never jealous."

"Make love is easy. To be loved is easy too. But, to be loved by someone we love is hard to get."

"The only way to get love is never prosecute to be loved, but start to give love first to someone without expect to get rewards."

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